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8 questions about plastic-wood composite products


Wood plastic composite not only maintains the appearance and feel of solid wood flooring, but also has good moisture and water resistance, acid and alkali resistance, fungus suppression, antistatic, insect resistance and other properties, and wood-plastic products have high fire performance, no pollution, no pollution, and can be recycled.

1. What is WPC? What is WPC used for?

Plastic wood is a kind of building material which is formed by extruding plastic and wood fiber in a certain proportion. Due to the two characteristics of water resistance and corrosion resistance of plastic and wood texture, it has become the first choice for outdoor construction materials (floors, fences, chairs or waterfront landscapes, etc.).

2. Is plastic wood more flammable than wood?

WPC board are Class C building materials, and their combustion conditions are similar to wood. After the combustion characteristics experiment, wood-plastic is not easier to burn than wood. The burning temperature of wood-plastic needs to reach 86 degrees.


3. Will plastic wood fade?

Yes. Plastic wood exposed to sunlight and humidity will fade slightly after 10 to 12 weeks.

4. What colors are available for plastic wood, do you need paint?

Unlike wood, plastic wood can have a variety of colors to choose from without paint. And because of the special molding process of wood-plastic, it does not have the problem of discoloration.

5. What is the difference between plastic wood and plastic wood?

Unlike plastic wood (plastic wood is made of 100% plastic), plastic wood is made of plastic and wood chips in a ratio of approximately 1: 1. Because of the natural fiber composition, WPC has better UV resistance and lower thermal expansion and contraction properties, and is easy to process like wood.

6. Is the plastic wood made of recycled materials?

Yes. Plastic wood is processed using natural plant fibers such as recycled plastic and waste wood chips or rice bran as raw materials.

7. Is quarantine required for export? Is fumigation required? Are special certification documents required?

No, unlike natural wood, due to the special process and formula of plastic wood, it is a fumigation-free product at the time of export and does not require any special certification documents.

8. What is the service life of plastic wood profiles?

According to information, the life of plastic wood can reach 25 years under normal conditions of use.

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