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Development of Co-Extruded WPC decking


According to the international PE plastic wood market, there are two categories of coextrusion and non-coextrusion. From the aspect of covering layer coverage, we can see that PE plastic wood is divided into the following five types: 1. Coating layer 360 degree all-round coating core layer 2. The slot position of the plate is notched, and the coating layer is not completely coated with the core layer. The coating layer can only cover the upper half of the plate, that is, the core layer can only cover 1 / 2 of the core layer. The cladding layer uses the same plastic-wood material as the core layer, which is equivalent to the first generation plastic wood. Core layer without any direct exposure, that is, the first generation of plastic wood.

Application performance of various plastic wood products:

The first generation of plastic-wood applications: the first generation of plastic wood, whose surface layer containing wood powder is directly exposed to the harsh environmental climate, is vulnerable to the erosion of strong ultraviolet rays, moisture, various bacteria and fungi, and not only will the color fade easily, The composition and structure of the plate will also be destroyed, or even degraded. In the past few years of actual installation, we have seen that these problems have gradually come to light.

Easy to degrade, powdered because there is no surface coating protection, and some plastic wood use an inappropriate proportion of bonding and antioxidants, resulting in harsh outdoor environment, under strong UV, water erosion, The molecular mixture in the plastic wood degrades, the plate appears the powdering, the aging, the rupture and the rot problem.

The problem of fading and fading is due to the wpc contained in the wood. Even if sufficient antioxidants and UV stabilizers are added in the production process, the wood will still fade when exposed directly to the outdoor environment because of the uncoated layer. What is more, the color difference caused by different degrees of discoloration, such as the shade of the object and the part of the air exposed for a long time, is different, which makes the overall color of the plastic wood uneven.


Mildew and fungi have many cases due to diurnal temperature differences and seasonal climate, mildew and fungal problems. Without the protection of the coating layer, the wood powder in the plastic wood is exposed to the surface, and all kinds of bacteria and fungi grow in the wet environment, leading to the moldy and long fungi of the plate. Many people try to use all kinds of disinfectant to wash, which not only does not solve the problem, but also because of repeated washing, the water more seeps into the plate, and the problem becomes more serious.

Cracking and fracture cracking are also due to the absence of protective coating, and the UV and water erosion of the plastic-wood molecular mixture lead to the destruction of molecular structure and even degradation of the molecular structure. Some antioxidants and stabilizers, while helpful, do not provide long-term protection. In the external force and its own thermal expansion and contraction of the pull, the plate will appear brittle and cracking.

Scratch, the first generation of plastic wood scratch problem is very serious, in the market, some plastic wood products even scratch with nails on the scratch, after a short period of time, the plate becomes very unattractive.

Without coating protection, stains will easily infiltrate inside the wood flour and leave stains that can not be cleaned.

As regards the application of co-extruded wood plastic composite without complete shell coating, only parts of the plastic wood are covered by a coating layer, such as the third type of plastic wood mentioned above, which solves some of the problems mentioned above. But at the same time, there are new problems. Plastic wood products without a complete coating of water expansion and bending deformation, which can block ultraviolet rays from above, can reduce the degree of fading in a certain period of time. It can also reduce the problem of scratches and stains. However, because the coating layer and core layer are made of different materials, the coating layer is advanced engineering plastics, and there is no coating layer on the bottom, so the wood powder exposed wet ring Under the environment, it is easy to absorb water and expand. When the core layer continuously absorbs water from the bottom of the plate or the slot, but it can not evaporate in time, it leads to the deformation of the plate to both ends, and the serious even the slot position is pulled to crack. 

Due to the same reason as the first problem, the shell burst is unable to resist the expansion force in the case of uneven force, which leads to the crack.

Application of Co-Extruded WPC with intact Shell coating

The first kind of plastic wood has a 360 degree complete coating layer, which can provide full protection for the core layer, including the small position of the chuck, which can resist the effects of harsh environment, moisture, ultraviolet radiation, fungi and bacteria. Take Meisin-surmounted co-extruded wood board as an example, this plastic wood has 360-degree full-protection hard cladding. The core layer is made of wood flour PE plastics and additives, and the coating layer is made of advanced engineering plastics and special additives. The coating has a very low water absorption rate to effectively prevent water from entering the core layer, the plate does not rot, do not crack, do not moldy or long fungi, longer life. High strength coating is more resistant to stains and scratches No need to brush paint, so that the plate as new, basically no maintenance, save money and time.

We believe that the future development of co-extruded wood has the following characteristics: the adhesion between the coextrusion layer and the core layer is stronger, and after at least 80 hours of boiling test there is no damage; the coextrusion layer covers the core layer at 360 degrees. In order to completely resist the erosion of water / UV / bacteria; the color of the coextrusion layer is more durable, at least 3000 hours after QUV test, the Delta E is less than 4.0; the scratch resistance and wear resistance degree meet the normal wear requirements of furniture, That is: the five-finger scratch test passed the 1mm needle 20N test; the color is more colorful, extending the indoor floor color to Outdoor, color is no longer single and out of the factory characteristics. Co extruded wood to throw away “too plastic” baggage, surface treatment is more realistic and natural texture of solid wood, so that look and feel more and more close to solid wood.

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