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Introduction of WPC wall cladding


WPC wall cladding is the surface of one building, just like the face of one man, treat your wall with WPC cladding, then you will have one wood-like and natural surface wall, close to nature, close to the wood, but superior to wood in split and rot resistance.WPC wall cladding/wall panel is a popular way of providing an attractive finish for any outdoor construction or building.

Wood plastic composite exterior wall cladding has the potential to make your property look comple­tely refreshed. With WPC cladding you can make your outbuildings blend into your garden or make any domestic or commercial property stand out with a contemporary makeover.


You will always find the wall cladding you need, because Greenzone has the most comprehensive series of wall cladding from co-extrusion panel to deep pattern panel, from traditional panel, Greenzone has the different production lines to produce different generation wall cladding.

Natural surface and stable quality make the second generation Co-extrusion wall cladding become more and more popular in the yard. Capped with high performance and moisture-resistant polymer, Co-extrusion cladding are free of stains and moisture. With full series of accessories, you will find it is joy to install this cladding.

WPC Cladding

Timber is a natural material that adapts to its environment: it swells and shrinks with moisture and fades to silver-grey by UV light and rain when left unprotected. WPC on the other hand, doesn't.

If you're looking for the next best thing, look no further than WPC (wood + plastic composite) cladding. It is made of:

FSC certified timber

100% post-consumer recycled plastic

By mixing old and new materials (both with independent certification on sustainable provencance) you get a beautiful facade that is colour fast, highly durable and requires virtually no maintenance.

Advantages of wpc wall cladding

1.ENERGY EFFICIENT. WPC products have high insulation property. When compared to concrete and steel, these have extremely low thermal conductivity.This on the other hand reduces the energy required for the wholesale wall cladding to heat and cool and thus energy consumption is also low. It plays prominent role in energy conservation as well thereby sustaining the energy resources on the planet and also saves your hard earned money.

2. WPC wall cladding is a perfect solution to safeguard your home from the natural harming elements.In this type of wall cladding, individual pieces of WPC panels are installed on the walls to protect, maintain structural integrity and to add elegance element to the home. Altogether it enhances the overall appearance of your home. In addition, mentioned below are few other advantages of installing WPC cladding.

3. EASE OF INSTALLATION.When compared to other wall cladding materials, WPC is light in weight and so can be installed effectively and seamlessly.Also, being easy to handle completes the installing procedure within a short span. This brings down the construction costs, which proves it be an effective choice.

4. DURABLE. WPC wall cladding is highly durable. Upon maintaining properly, these last for several years. In addition, its impact resistance feature protects your home for immediate damages. You can further enhance its durability conducting special treatments powerful enough to resist it from fire damages.Even in WPC wall cladding, you can see them come in different types and the durability also varies depending on the type you choose.

5. WPC wall cladding is available in different home designs as these can be trimmed to any size and shape.WPC cladding is also comes in various patterns. These can be used on any architectural design and its flexibility allows it to be used on projects of any scale.You even have the opportunity to experiment with the decorative effects. You can paint the cladding, stain it or even allow it to go through its natural process of weathering to come up with a unique pattern and color.

6. ENVIRONMENTALLY FRIENDLY .Unlike usually non-renewable construction material, WPC products are naturally renewable resources.It contains minimal amount of non-renewable materials when compared to other materials used for construction. On the other hand, their recyclable feature makes them the most environmental friendly products used in building homes.

7. Now that you are aware of the benefits of WPC wall cladding, get set renovate the walls of your house with this eco-friendly, environmentally and renewable material.

Greenzone WPC cladding products offer the quality, feel and characteristics of wood, but they are more durable, and are environmentally friendly. Greenzone Co-extrusion WPC Wall Cladding is the smart way to get a great-looking, long-lasting wall cladding.

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