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Wood Plastic Composite Decking is harmless to the human body


Nowadays the use of Wood Plastic Composite Decking, has become the current trend of decoration and outdoor materials, many families in the choice of decoration of the floor will choose the current WPC decking to replace our traditional tile as well as wood tiles. The appearance of Composite wood decking shows that the quality of life in our country has been greatly improved. 

Before the Composite wood decking was produced and put into use, many people chose wood or bamboo floor when choosing outdoor decoration materials, but if they were people living in wet weather, if they insisted on choosing wooden floor, Wood floor will be particularly prone to decay and deterioration under the influence of the surrounding wet environment for a long time, and even because of wood decay and emit a bad smell, the above reason is that many people have to give up the wood floor in the process of floor decoration and choose tile floor to decorate the main thing. 


But, with the rapid development of modern science and technology, the manufacture of WPC decking has solved all the above problems perfectly. Because of the raw materials used in plastic wood composite decking, it not only has the beautiful texture of natural wood, but also has a series of advantages of durability of plastic profile. So the emergence of plastic wood floor is actually the perfect product of life and science and technology, and it is a great invention that not only makes consumers save money, but also saves the labor of manufacturers.

Plastic will be used in the raw materials for the production of plastic wood floor, in view of this, many people will worry that plastic wood floor will be used in the production of plastic, so will it bring or do more harm to our human body? In fact, the plastic components in the plastic wood floor have been treated by a series of special scientific and technological means in the process of processing. In this process, the components that may cause harm to the human body have been dealt with, so the plastic wood floor is very safe.

The composition of the plastic wood floor is very simple, that is, the combination of wood and plastic with some additives. First of all, this is a benefit, the material is simple, easy to make, the cost is not small. Because these two materials are the most common materials in our lives, and both materials have one characteristic, that is, the plasticity is very strong. Not only that, but also a lot of corrosion resistance, this is also the most promising advantage of building.

In terms of wear and tear, the production loss of plastic wood materials is lower than that of ordinary materials. Plastic wood is a profile, which can specifically produce materials that meet the requirements of customers, and the length of all wood is fixed, there is no way to coordinate, and if you want to meet the requirements of customers, there will be waste of the corresponding materials.

In the same case, plastic wood materials can be much less than ordinary wood materials. For example, in the case of outdoor flooring, wood of about 45 mm thickness is required if common wood is used, and if plastic wood materials are used, only half the thickness of ordinary materials is required, and the strength is higher than that of ordinary materials.

In addition to the above differences, plastic wood composite manufacturers tell users that the surface treatment of plastic wood and ordinary materials is also different. Ordinary wood needs to be treated with paint or waterborne paint, while the surface of plastic wood does not need to be treated with paint. The same plastic wood materials can be maintenance-free, while ordinary wood needs to be maintained and painted every year.

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